Local Delivery Area

We have 2 Local delivery Zones

5km radius from the store and 10km from the store.

Your shipping address will determine which Zone you fall into.

Fees and Minimums


Delivery Area Order Value Delivery Fee
Within 5km $20 (min) $5

Within 5km

$50+ Free

Within 10km

$20 (min) $10

Within 10km

$50 $5

Within 10km

$100+ Free


Map of delivery Zones:

Delivery Lead Times

We offer next day delivery service for orders received before 5pm.

Deliveries made between 12noon and 3pm

Checkout Process

 This can be a little confusing on your first go. Basically there are 3 steps in this process once you've reviewed your cart and hit 'Checkout' button.

1. Information: this is where you fill out your customer information and choose pick up or delivery. If you choose delivery, you will be asked to enter a shipping address. You can choose to save your info so you won't have to do it next time. When done, click 'Continue to Shipping'.

2. Here you will see a delivery option only if you have met the minimum order value ($20) and your shipping address is within the 10km radius of the store.