Important Stuff

There are some things you should know...

I am by no means a web-site developer! Just a small business owner with (suddenly) a lot of time on my hands and an urgent project that needed doing. 

Thanks to the marvels of Shopify, I have managed to piece together a functioning eCommerce website so you can browse and buy from our entire product range; albeit with a couple of quirks (that were problems I couldn't solve with my very limited knowledge of all things computery).

The quirks and 'need to knows' are explained below.  Should you discover something I haven't explained or needs to be more clearly explained, please don't hesitate to message me and I'll make the changes needed.

So, please have a quick squizz to get the lay of the land. We look forward to seeing your first orders!!


Buying by weight

We are all used to seeing prices advertised by the kilo on loose fresh produce. However, we often tend by by a number of pieces and pay for whatever that weighs. Turns out that's quite a complex thing to achieve. 

So most items traditionally sold by kilo has 2 or 3 options. Buying in whole kilos, buying in units of 100 grams or buying a set number of pieces. If the buying unit you want is not displayed on group pages, click on the product and use the drop down menu to find the one you need.

You can combine the kg and 100g buying unit to get the weight you would like. Also, every weighted item has an instruction box on the product page for you to give us specific instructions by product.


We will do our best to fill your order entirely. However, because orders are filled from our 'bricks and mortar' store, some products that appear available online, may not be available when it comes time to fulfill your order. If this happens, we'll contact you direct to let you know and offer substitutes.



Online payments are by Visa and Mastercard credit or debit cards only. This allows us to adjust the order down if we are unable to supply something, however, we cannot increase the original order amount. If you need to add something to your order simply complete an entirely new order and leave us a message in the comments box with the original order number.

Sometimes, special instructions left on a product page might be more expensive than the original total. In every case, we will contact you for further guidance. You can choose to lower the quantity to bring the order value under the original total, or you can choose to make another payment for the difference. Again, in every case, we'll contact you.

Order Confirmations

You’ll receive automated Order Status messages to the email address you provide. This will include the store’s details including the number to text if you would like us to bring your order out to your car.

Contactless Pick up

If you prefer a Contactless - Pick up, please let us know in the comments box. When you arrive, text us with your order number, your vehicle’s registration number and we can drop put straight into the boot of your car.

Creating an account

Creating an account is optional. You don't have to. In time, like most memberships, we'll begin to offer membership benefits. For now, having an account allows you to track your order history and contact / shipping information is retained to make the checkout process easier. 


If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 09 414 5040 or email us on